We are extremely proud to have completed the 2018 festival and are now able to share some of the fantastic feedback we have received.


Craig Campbell

'Twas a blast and an honour to be involved, all the best of success for forthcoming years!

Gillian Tully

Smooth running and some great short films and an amazing Cinema venue.

Elsa Evripidou

Well done Michael and Gary. Great festival, diverse and engaging films. Really enjoyed being a judge.


Peter Mckeirnon - 5

Fantastic Festival with second to none communication. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Jen Lyon - 5

I absolutely LOVE this Festival. Fantastic communication, amazing people and a tremendously well curated program. An impressive array of films from all over the world.

The organizers reached out to me personally to let me know I was accepted which is so incredibly rare in this business. Then when my film won, they made sure to let me know asap and again, reached out with a very personal touch.

It is obvious that they care deeply about the filmmakers, film quality and providing a fun and entertaining event. I strongly encourage everyone to apply to this Fest! You will love the experience!

Luke Escombe - 5

Thanks for accepting our film New Forest Film Festival. We were delighted to win for "Best Animation". The communication from this festival was excellent. We really appreciated receiving feedback from the judges and feeling so included in the event, even though we were not able to attend in person. We will definitely submit again.

Andy Sowerby - 5

New Forest Film Festival was well organised and the communication was very good. The selection of films was mixed from very low-budget amateur to higher quality professional films. There was a range of genres and awards for all categories. The directors welcomed me very warmly at the event and I had a chance to network with some of the judges. Thanks!

Paul Hurst - 5

These guys put together an amazing festival. Carefully selected films and great communication.

Thanks for Selecting our film.

Sharon Ben-Tovim - 5

I had the honour to have my directing debut screen at the New Forest Film Festival 2018. Gary and Michael are very kind and professional, they were super communicative during pre and post festival event and even during the main event as they called me to announce my film has won the best narrative category. I will definitely submit my next film to the New Forest Film Festival!

My team and I wish you guys all the best!

James Hughes - 5

An excellent film festival with great communication throughout. Can see them going from strength to strength over the years.

Maninder Chana - 5

Great communication for a festival startup. Wish them the best of luck in the future.