Compared to last year, with our new collaborations and sponsorship, this festival has come on in leaps and bounds. It's certainly bigger than last year.

The menu on the left lists the individual categories with any specific details about each one.


Shortlisted Films

Every film that reaches our Shortlist will receive an "Official Selection" laurel, unlike any others in the industry, featuring our mascot "Derek the Donkey".


If your film is selected as one of five Finalists in its category, you will receive a shiny "Category Finalist" laurel to add to your collection. In addition, ALL finalist films will get a possible screening at Moviola Cinemas for one year (depending on the suitability of the film as checked by Moviola), so even if you don't end up topping the pile, your work may be shown on the big screen to thousands of members of the public for a whole year. We have also been asked for copies of the winning films to screen at Burley Cinema, The Malt and Sway Cinema for a whole year. How great is that?


If you win your category you will not only have a "Category Winner" laurel, but we will present you with an award too.

Here is the prototype of the "Derek" - our award for all winners. It is 30cm x 12cm x 6cm and made from beech, purpleheart and oak from sustainable sources. It will have the year and category added in the production versions.

This was created by Mark at Arboretti.


Here is what we have managed to secure in the way of prizes for the categories in the 2019 festival so far... keep an eye on this page for updates as we get them.

International Categories

Overall Winner

  • Best International Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and a copy of Final Draft 11


  • Best International Narrative Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and £300 from Beaulieu Enterprises
  • Best International Comedy Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and two dedicated screenings at local cinemas
  • Best International Horror Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and £300 from Treehouse Digital Ltd
  • Best International Animation Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and £300 worth of laboratory services from Cinelab
  • Best International Sci-Fi Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and prize to be announced
  • Best International Documentary Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and £300 from the New Forest Business Partnership
  • Best International Music Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and a tutoring session and 3-hour studio session from Mcasso

Student Categories

Overall Winner

  • Best Student Short: Winner's Laurel, Award and a copy of Final Draft 11


  • Best Student Narrative Short
  • Best Student Comedy Short plus a mentoring session from Keith English at Velvet Pictures and two dedicated screenings at local cinemas
  • Best Student Horror Short plus a dedicated screening at a local venue
  • Best Student Animation Short
  • Best Student Sci-Fi Short
  • Best Student Documentary Short
  • Best Student Music Short

Each of these categories will win a Winner's Laurel, an Award, a full day's hire of the Forest Arts Centre and a £125 Raindance Training Voucher.

New Forest Sub-Categories

The New Forest Student category winners will each receive a Winner's Laurel, an Award and £300.00 from Moviola.

Other Categories

  • Audience Favourite Short (from all films screened at the awards ceremony): Winner's Laurel, Award and big hugs from everyone and a £125 Raindance Training Voucher
  • Zero Budget Short (for films from any category made for less than £100): Winner's Laurel, Award and the Pentex Prize of £100.00 cash (so you can make another one!).

Some of these prizes are literally impossible to buy, will provide amazing exposure to your film and enable you to be even prouder of yourself for having finished the film and made the effort to enter our festival.