A few words from Gary

  • 30-Nov-2018

Hello, it's Gary, hope everyone is well.

I just really wanted to say a few words about what we do behind the scenes at The New Forest Film Festival with regard to submissions.

As someone who produced and acted in short films, and spent countless hours submitting said material to almost 600 festivals, the one thing that annoyed me more than anything else was knowing that the film we made wasn't even viewed, it was simply put into a festival to make up the numbers. When we were not selected, a follow up email asking for feedback would always be ignored.

So I want to personally assure all filmmakers that your work will be viewed, and viewed by several judges even at the entry stage.

We will get back to anyone who emails us, whether their submission is selected or not.

Your work will not be criticized, but honest feedback may be given.

And, on that note, a word of advice if you are a first time filmmaker.

Before you submit your film to us, send your work to people who won't tell you what you naturally want to hear, let people tell what you could do to improve it, and use that to your advantage, don't cut corners and take your time to get it right.

Don't believe all the bogus success stories you hear about over-night sensations, this industry is tough and you may get dejected at times, but keep going no matter what anyone tells you.

I wish you all the very best of luck.

Gary x