Best Zero-Budget Short

Most people starting out in their film-making careers make one or more short films to start off with. 

When you're new to the industry, all the costs of equipment, locations and crew can not only be daunting, but can actually mean that you don't get your film made.

However, there are those determined people who, despite the odds, find a way to beg and borrow their way to actually getting a film made.

This award is to celebrate those individuals. Any film submitted which has a production budget of under £100 will be eligible for selection for this award and the winner, as judged by the Festival Directors, will be awarded the Pentex Prize of £100, to help them make another one!


Here are this year's finalists for the Zero Budget category - in no particular order.

Love in the 21st Century
The Lover
Forest Solace
A Fractured Canvas
The Last Pixie

Best of luck to all of them - results announced on Awards Night.


Forest Solace by Libby James Watt