Best Comedy Short

American Deportation

by Jen Lyon

An American unhappy with the post-election results decides on a brilliant new plan!

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(Also won Best In Festival.)

Other Finalists

Betty Vs Veronica

by Laila Banki 

Two raver chicks get lost on the way to find a rave and an unexpected turn of events happen.

The Exchange

by Richard Miller 

Picking up an item from a strangers house can lead to some unexpected experiences.

Dress Code

by Those Three Girls 

It’s Sarah’s birthday and she’s made a special effort to ensure she stands out as the shining star, issuing an ‘all black’ dress code to her guests. Upset that arch enemy Carol, notorious for her bad behaviour at previous parties, has ruined her night by ignoring her strict instruction on attire, Sarah hides in the toilet with her best friends to blow off some steam.

Oblivious to the dress drama that she has caused, Carol, resplendent in red, breezes into the bathroom for a chat with the birthday girl...


by Don Sniffin 

During a visit with Grampa, Jeremy learns they share the family affliction, an inability to smile on camera. Jeremy, with a little help from Grama, is determined to elicit an award-winning smile.

Toilet Man

by Chenyang Shu 

Superheros can be found anywhere, especially in your imagination.